Game Theory – Console Game

Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duelist

lod_final_1080pThere are several strategies for this game, some rather complex others simple. The most simple strategy to understand is to get your opponents life points to 0 before they get your life points down. Other strategies include forcing your opponent to have no cards left to draw meaning a loss. More complex strategies involve getting certain sets of cards that results in a automatic win for example exodia.

The player must utilise information given in order to play and win the game. Information sets help players to develop their strategies whilst gameplay is taking place. Information includes the life point meter helping players who want to use the life point strategy. The cards are also information sets, the description of the cards helps players to know which cards to use in different situations. In addition there is a number on top of the deck showing how many cards each player has left to choose from. The gravecard also gives information to the player. The payoff of the game is winning one of your opponents cards randomly selected from their deck or the best card from the deck.GD0xXq5.png


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