Treatment: Enigma

The game I am creating is called Enigma. The word enigma means a person or thing that is mysterious. My game centres around a mysterious world that the player finds themselves in and they must search the environment for clues as to where and who they are. My game is based in the sci-fi/ fantasy genre. The game is aimed towards 3-35 year olds male/ female and seeks to create a more serious undertone within the game. The game centres around the idea of loneliness and social isolation. The only interaction the player has is with the environment emphasising the loneliness the player should feel.

The game begins with the player on a small path leading off in two different directions. The two paths lead to different environmental terrain. It is up to the player to decide where to go and what to interact with. There is information scattered throughout the world in the form of notes and symbolism, it is up to the player to decide if they want to look into them. Enigma is all about choice for different players. The main character is nameless and genderless since it is a first person game we never see the main character. This is supposed to help the player project themselves into this world.

The soundtrack playing in the background will centre around a fantasy/ synth 80s vibe. The song ‘Nightcall’ by Kavinsky will be the main theme of the game. The vibe this song gives off and the sound of synths has a sense of mystery which is one of the main themes of my game. The soundtrack of the film drive was an inspiration for the sounds because it has similar themes of the game. I have chosen this idea because the subjects are rarely portrayed in games and this kind of idea would separate it out from others. I will need to learn more about Maya to create the environment and other assets however i already have sufficient knowledge of Maya and Unreal to create the game.

I have undertaken research into the different aspects of design and similar games. I have looked at websites and magazines as my main source of information. For example i looked at an interview with creator of Journey into how they wanted to use design to create an emotional experience. I wont need any specialist equipment to create the game. The only problem i will encounter is with health and safety. i should take regular breaks from the computer to prevent eye strain. It should take 3-5 weeks to fully complete my project.



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