FMP Evaluation

The idea for my game environment/ 3D world was influenced by low poly art styles of games that have came before. Games such as Gone Home, Firewatch and Journey all influenced the aesthetic of the environment. The simplistic style of these games helped to me to understand the process of creating and making final conclusions during modelling in Maya and importing into Unreal. My ideas developed throughout the process if things became too complicated or simplistic. For example during the modelling process i had to use as small number of polygons as possible. The smaller the number of polygons the better the game would run in Unreal and better aesthetic. Furthermore when adding the water into unreal the FPS of the program slowed this became an issue therefore i had to be smart with the number of water squares used and the space i was using.

Overall i think my final major project looks very professional and i did the best that i could have possibly done. The only change i would have made to the final project would have been to add a playable feature to the game and first person shots in the video. This would show what it would be like playing rather than cinematic shots which can be edited. Giving people a more realistic and truthful reflection of my creation. The time i had to finish my project was appropriate given the fact that enough time was given for initial ideas to be developed into final designs.


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